2017 Fete Event Running Order*

Time Event Location
12.00– 12.30 Welwyn Garden City Male Voice Choir The Arena
1.00 St John’s School Alumni St John’s Church
12.40 – 1.10 David Lloyd, Hatfield Children’s Dance Class The Arena
1.20 – 1.50 Welwyn Garden City Male Voice Choir The Arena
1.30 Mid Herts Music Centre St John’s Church
2.00 School Country Dancing and Singing The Arena
2.00 Recorder Group – West Watford Waites St John’s Church
2.30 School Dance – ‘It’s Oh So Quiet’, Bjork The Arena
2.30 Community Choir St John’s Church
3.00 – 4.00 Silver Fox Band The Arena
3.00 St John’s Church Choir St John’s Church
3.30 The Freeman-Taylor family St John’s Church

school choir

* The running order for this year’s fete is being finalised, and will be published closer to the event.