Environmental Commitment

As a responsible community based organisation we recognise the impact our event has, not only on the local environment, but also the wider world. Our use of the village school site and involvement of the school children adds to our desire to show our commitment to sustainability and demonstrating that this does not mean that we can’t still enjoy ourselves. 

  1. Our goal – Reduce our dependence on disposable materials; increased recyclability of material we do use; offering alternative food choices and carrying out ‘carbon offsetting’ initiatives for those elements we can’t reduce.
  2. Waste and recycling – Each year (since 2018) we separate out our waste and recyclable materials and ask that customers help us in the goal by putting their rubbish into the different bins we have around the site. We have by 2019 managed to reach a 50/50, by volume of waste to recyclable bins full of material. 
  3. Food – Whilst we continue to offer meat based BBQ and food options we are increasing our vegetarian and vegan options for those guests who want them.
  4. Reduced plastic and single use materials – We generate a lot of waste through single use plates, napkins, glasses and cups. We are doing this through two methods:
    1. increasing our use of reusable options and operate pricing structures that encourage guests to either bring their own cups or reuse cups or glasses that we serve to them, with money back.
    2. For items that can’t be reused we are now using non plastic or waxed items that can be composted rather than thrown in the waste for burial or incinerated.
  5. Drinks
    1. Please bring your own water bottle, and fill it for free.
    2. Reduction on teas/coffees if you bring your own re-usable cup.
  6. Carbon off setting tree planting – Starting in 2020, part of the funds raised will be used to plant trees and bushes in the local community to offset the carbon content and consumption used to create the materials and food we’ve used through our event.
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  7. Pollinator planting – Similar to our carbon offsetting goal we understand the importance of pollinating insects to our environment and agricultural community and so we will make sure that we plant flowers to help support these insects. Also that the carbon offset trees will where possible be good pollinator attractors, such as fruit trees.